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[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/7aISrvbxcD8″ width=”700″ title=”Think Realty Podcast #123 – Bruce McNeilage with Kinloch Partners, LLC”]

Think Realty CEO Eddie Wilson talks with Bruce McNeilage of Kinloch Partners about a lesser-known gem in REI: Build to Rent. Learn how Build to Rent helps investors generate wealth by building new homes suitable for cash-flowing rental properties. Also learn how this model ties into current market circumstances – is this a recession-proof approach? Plus, they talk money and where to get it: bridge loans, discretionary funds, conventional markets, and more! Find out why the death of the American dream has been happening for decades, and why NOW is the second-best opportunity in history to buy rental properties! For more information about Kinloch Partners, visit KinlochPartners.net

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